• You have paper work everywhere you just don't know where to start (you may even be losing your receipts & missing out on deductions).
  • Your bills aren't being paid on time.
  • Customers owe you money but you don't have time to chase them up.
  • Your lodgements are late & you are getting letters from the ATO.
  • You have no idea on your business cash position apart from what your current bank balance is.
  • You are feeling so overwhelmed that you wake during the night worrying.
  • You don't know how to use MYOB or Xero.
  • You just want to spend your weekends with family & friends without feeling guilty.
  • You need to work on our business but just don't have the time.
This is where we can help you! 
We are all about giving you back your time!
When you hire a bookkeeper
  • Be up to date with your ATO lodgements
  • Know what cash the business has, what money is due to come in & what money is due to go out
  • Have processes in place to keep everything organised
  • Have time to spend with your family & friends
  • Have time to work on your business & increase your profit
  • Be able to sleep better at night
  • ​Have paper work piles everywhere
  • Be receiving letters from the ATO
  • Be receiving overdue notices for bills not paid
  • Have a long list of customers that still owe you money
Hiring a bookkeeper helps you to grow your own business, increase your profits & have a work & family life balance.

Hello, I'm Alicia & I'm a choc-a-holic! 

Running a business is hard work so in 2004 I started Alicias Bookkeeping to help business owners with their problems & relieve the stress of paperwork & lodgement deadlines so they can focus on their own businesses & get their weekends back.  Business owners deserve to have time to spend with their families too!

In 2021 Alicias Bookkeeping changed its name to A Books Bookkeeping Services.

I'm a member of Australian Bookkeepers Network, a Registered BAS Agent, a Pure Bookkeeping Licensee & a Xero Certified Advisor, basically I have all the necessary qualifications & training to provide you with a 5 star service!


Core Values

  • Open and honest communication

  • Friendly & supportive relationship

  • Consistency and reliability

  • Continual improvement

  • The importance of a balanced life​

Mission Statement

Helping business owners to take control of their finances by providing a personal & affordable bookkeeping service.

Our Team
Alicia Baker



Perth, Western Australia


Tel: 0414 794 389

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